Aubrey Bullion, Program Coordinator

Elena Pushkar, Website Administrator

Oscar Mejía, General Manager


Oscar began his career in microfinance with Adelante Foundation in 2005. Throughout his 11 years of involvement with the organization, Oscar has held multiple positions such as a Credit Officer, Branch Manager, Zone Manager, Operations and Business Manager. He is currently serving as the General Manager of Adelante.

Celso Batiz, Operations and Business Manager


Celso graduated from the National Autonomous University of Honduras with a degree in Agricultural Management. Celso began working with Adelante in 2007 as a Credit Officer as part of the Trujillo Branch in Tocoa. He served as the Branch Manager in Tocoa and then in La Ceiba, and was quickly promoted to Assistant Operations and Business Manager in May 2014. In January 2016, Celso was promoted to Operations and Business Manager.

Gabriela Puerto, Finance Manager


Gabriela graduated from the National Autonomous University of Honduras with a B.A. in Accounting and Finance. She joined the Adelante team in October 2010 as an Accountant II. After completing her Master’s in Finance in August 2012, Gabriela was promoted to Finance Director. She currently serves as the Finance Manager since June 2013. For Gabriela, working at Adelante has been the best experience of her life personally and professionally, and says “There is no better work than that of serving those most in need.”

Ruddy Estrada, Information Technology Manager


Ruddy graduated with an engineering degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Honduras. He started working with Adelante in September 2015 as an Assistant Engineer, and is currently facilitating all the activties of the department. Since his arrival, Ruddy provides valuable service and support in different areas of the organization by developing tools that help the staff to be more efficient.

Yesmi Castro, Human Talent Coordinator


Yesmi Study obtained a B.A. in Psychology from the Catholic University of Honduras, and began to working for Adelante in 2013 as the Education Coordinator. In September of 2014, Yesmi was promoted to Human Resources Coordinator where she is responsible for coordinating and developing training processes for the staff using interpersonal and intrapersonal growth methodology and topics, with the aim to provide a quality service both internally and externally.