More than just credit, Adelante offers an integrated microfinance-business development education model to meet our clients’ needs. We are always considering new products and innovative services to better achieve our mission.

Adelante clients receive business administration training at bi-monthly assembly meetings on a range of topics to help them grow their small businesses.  Many clients have never completed primary school, which is unsurprising given that Adelante targets the rural poor.  By providing business training, Adelante is ensuring that clients have the knowledge to increase profits and improve their overall quality of life.

Our team also offers health education pertaining to issues facing the various communities we serve. These women share this information with their families and neighbors to promote better health and hygiene.

Along with education lessons, Adelante emphasizes building relationships with its clients.  Since Adelante’s lending model is based on trust, Adelante Credit Officers work hard to build rapport with their clients. These staff members often hail from the same areas they serve, meaning they truly understand the unique struggles the women there have faced. This way they can best empower women in their communities.