Women’s Empowerment International has provided support historically to the Intibucá branch office to grow our operations in the departments of Intibucá and La Paz. This branch serves women living in the Lenca Corridor of Honduras, where the most extreme levels of poverty are found within the country, particularly among the indigenous Lenca populations. WEI has facilitated loan pool growth to new communities, and the continued development of educational services including Product Innovation Workshops. Currently, Women’s Empowerment International is providing support for growth into new areas of Choluteca and Valle, and to provide Education Loans to clients in the Lenca Corridor.


The P&G Alumni Foundation has partnered with Adelante to sponsor our Staff Development Project to strengthen our social and financial performance and improve our client services. The project has included trainings on Emotional Intelligence, High Impact Presentations, and Effective Communication to help us grow as individuals and as a team. The P&G Alumni Foundation has also provided monitoring tools to help us to track improvements in our client retention rates, attendance to assemblies, staff and client satisfaction, and much more.

Adelante has partnered with Rotary International through the organization’s Global Grant. Adelante has partnered with the Real de Minas – Tegucigalpa Rotary Club and the Poway-Scripps Rotary Club of San Diego, California to fund micro-loans and education to women in the Lenca Corridor. Previous grants with Rotary have enabled expansion to women throughout other areas of the country.



MyFight provides interest free loans to microfinance initiatives throughout the world to promote expansion of micro-business initiatives and reduce poverty. The organization uses profits generated from clothing and jewelry sales to fund their zero-interest loans.

Atkinson Foundation has provided funding to Adelante over the years to expand our microfinance operations and develop educational initiatives. In 2014, Atkinson’s support resulted in training for all field staff regarding a variety of health topics that will later be developed into educational lessons offered to clients. Topics include communicable diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, HIV prevention, and physical fitness.


Marie Stopes is an international organization that works to provide low-income women with sustainable health services. Adelante has partnered with Marie Stopes Honduras to provide workshops on reproductive health topics, engaging participants in discussions that pertain directly to their personal experiences and needs. Through this partnership, Marie Stopes Honduras has made reproductive health services available to our clients at a reduced price.

Bikes for the World donates bicycles to local partners throughout the world to support local development initiatives. Adelante is distributing these bicycles at a low cost in rural areas with little access to resources and reliable transportation. Access to bicycles allows children to attend schools and clients to transport their goods with greater ease.


REDMICROH is a network of microfinance institutions in Honduras working to bring organizations together for best practice sharing, common learning, and monitoring of microfinance related services. REDMICROH promote projects to improve industry practices and collect data on social and financial performance.